Twins Born in Two Different Years

Many twins spend their whole lives trying to figure out a way to differentiate themselves from one another, but for two little babies in Illinois, there are going to be a couple easy ways. Not only is the boy a minute younger (and a boy), he was born in a whole different year than his sister.

Little Madison was born at 11:59 on December 31, 2010, and Aidan came at 12:00 on January 1, 2011. Both were born almost a month early and arrived just as the fireworks likely began. How exciting!

Of course, this will take the whole notion of "I'm the older twin" to another level. Does anyone remember Sweet Valley High?


Remember how Elizabeth was the older twin by minutes and how she was the one who was all responsible as a result? Well, in real life, it seems some children really take that stuff to heart.

I have known many twins over time and almost all obsessed over who was older and who was younger. Now this little girl, born just one minute before her brother, but a whole year apart, can gloat and gloat.

Of course, in 30 years, how much do you want to bet she will wish she got to claim 2010, much the way I now pretend I was born the year before I was?

Congratulations to the parents!

Did you know twins who obsessed over who was "older"?

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