Ultrasound Photo of Jesus Not Very Effective

If you're driving on the road in Cincinnati (and for your sake, I hope you aren't), there are quite a few things you might see -- giant Jesus statues reaching out of the water, signs for Hustler stores, and now, a giant billboard of an ultrasound wearing a halo. The words under the sign read: "He came as a baby, Christmas starts with Christ."

Does anyone else think this is totally ridiculous? I will admit I'm not a Christian, so this particular form of appeal would hold no sway with me anyway, but I would think even for Christians, it's a little ridiculous. Put there by Cincinnati Right to Life, the sign is meant to both celebrate the birth of Christ (how exactly?) and stop abortions.

Its purpose isn't to make people laugh. But that is exactly what it's making many people do.


One blogger who calls himself "The Friendly Atheist" says:

That’s Fetus Jesus with a Halo. (Which is also a great band name.)

He also points out:

Christmas does start with Christ. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Did you know Catholic starts with Cat? *Meow*

Hilarious. For more reasons than just his great sense of humor. I mean, do they really think they're influencing people with this sign? Even if I were Christian, I would be turned off by what a moron they clearly think I am. Do they really think we can't figure out on our own that Jesus was born a baby? Do we really need a giant reminder that he didn't exit the womb wearing sandals and a robe?

Also: These right to life groups seem way too hung up on ultrasounds. They're cool and all, but most people can't even figure out whether they're looking at a fetus of a giant ink blot. There are Facebook campaigns begging people to stop posting their ultrasound photo because they bore anyone besides the parents and grandparents. So, why do they think adding a halo will make it any more effective?

The billboard raises all kinds of questions besides those, too. Who thought this was going to be a good campaign? Here is what the group had to say on that:

This simple illustration emphasizes that Jesus Christ came to the world both human and divine, and in so doing, sanctified the birth process for every person. Christmas is the message of Christ’s Love for all, no matter our age, race, ability, poverty or wealth, or place or residence, the group said in a news release.

Interesting. I wonder whose baby was used in the campaign and also what the ultrasound tech said when she saw the giant halo. "Oh look, your baby has arms, legs, feet, and a giant glowing orb above his head. Don't worry, that's totally normal!"

Does anyone else find this ridiculous and ineffective?


Image via Cincinnati Right to Life

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