Doctor Prescribes Pot to Pregnant Woman

medical marijuanaMedical marijuana is said to do wonders for certain people, but there are also some people who just shouldn't be prescribed it. Like, oh say, a woman who is pregnant. But that's just what a doctor in Colorado did, and now he's blaming the woman.

According to an article in the Denver Post, in January Dr. Manuel Aquino prescribed pot to a woman who was six months pregnant. He did so after a three-minute visit during which he didn't exam her or her medical history or even ask if she was pregnant. Stoners put Dr. Aquino on speed dial -- a score has never been so easy.


Oh he has lots of excuses as the Colorado Medical Board evaluates whether he'll lose his license or not -- like they're taking too long, some other technical issues, and the fact that he doesn't think that toking up when you're pregnant is all that harmful.

While there may be some room for debate on the last point, there are plenty of studies that point to negative effects for the babies of pregnant women who smoke it. And there are certainly NO studies that suggest it's beneficial to the degree that a doctor should prescribe it.

And yes, of course, there's the woman, who didn't TELL him she was pregnant. Dr. Aquino called her behavior "intentional, reckless or grossly negligent," which pretty much sums it up. And really, the ultimate responsibility for smoking the pot has to lie with her as she's the one who had to make the decision to smoke or not smoke it and take the risk of harming her baby. According to the complaint filed by the medical board, the woman tested positive for marijuana at the time of her baby's birth, and the baby "had some initial feeding difficulties." There's no report as to if the woman was charged.

Still, her responsibility and his excuses aside, this doctor shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine if this is the kind of inept, incomplete care he's providing. While marijuana is one thing, think of all the other major issues he could be missing as well.

Do you think this doctor should lose his license for prescribing pot to a pregnant woman?

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