Adopting a Baby by Billboard: Clever or Crass?

adoption billboardAdd this to the unexpected costs that crop up when trying to adopt a child. In an act that's either incredibly brave or incredibly desperate, a Michigan couple eager to adopt a child of their very own has just put up a $2,000 a month billboard to make it happen.

Hey, with estimates that there are seven hopeful couples out there for every one birth mom, sometimes you just have to go the extra mile to become a parent. Now for the big question: will it pay off or is it a big fat turn off?


Josh and Wendy Rougeau are looking at this as an investment in the future of their family. But it could just as easily go the other way. Billboards are the places where people fight out political statements, where the PETA alternately disgusts and amuses us, where you find a lawyer's number on your way to jail in the back of a police car. They're not the place you look for parents for your unborn child.

In fact, none of the methods the Rougeaus have used are typical for finding a baby. They've had t-shirts printed up, left cards marketing themselves as Mom and Dad around town. You have wonder what's next? Sitting in an OB/GYN's office with "Pick Us for Your Fetus" pencils in your hand, ready to sign your baby away?

The Rougeaus would make excellent campaign managers for the next town mayor, but politicians get terms of two to six years at most. This is the decision of a lifetime. I'd hate to think a birth mother would take it so lightly.

I'm sure the couple did this with best intentions possible. I know what it's like to want to be a parent desperately, and now that I am one, I can't begrudge anyone the desire to be in my shoes. And after struggling with infertility, and not getting anywhere with their adoption agency, they're just working every angle. But I'm the type of person who wouldn't hire a lawyer off of a billboard. Would this turn you off?

Image via ABC12

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