Blizzard 2010 Is a Kid's Nightmare

playing in snowThe blizzard of 2010 had adults up and down the East Coast in a tizzy this morning trying to figure out their post-holiday travel plans and how to get to work. My husband had his own "adventure" on the way to work this morning, and I sent our daughter to the sitter's last night to make sure I had child care come morning. 

But if you think the parents had it bad, just look at the kids. The first major blizzard of the 2010-11 winter is also a major bummer for the under 18 set.


1. It came too late for most kids. Although spots like Raleigh/Durham in North Carolina had a rare white Christmas, for kids up in the Northeast who are used to sledding and snowball fights with their cousins on the holiday, it all came too late. The white stuff didn't really start coming down until late Sunday.

2. It's winter break. School superintendents lazed in bed this morning, grateful they didn't have to start the phone chains. It's a snow day saved for the districts! But it's a snow day wasted for the kids. To put it in adult terms: imagine you take a vacation day . . . and then the boss decides to send everyone home at noon anyway. Time off fail.

3. It's too windy. Strong winds are being blamed for difficulty in snow removal today, which is a double negative for the kids. Freaked out parents are afraid to let them hang out in the front yards with the snow plows making such constant runs, and chapped cheeks dull the fun.

4. The relatives are stuck. The cheek pinchers were supposed to head out today, but it looks like Granny's sticking around to spoil the fun hang out all day. Maybe they can be "seen and not heard" in the bedrooms with their new toys . . . if someone can turn off Grandpa's hearing aids.

5. The snow's too deep. Ahem, helicopter parents, just put a bright colored coat on them and let them out. They're not going to disappear under the snow if you can spot the orange glow of their jacket!

6. The snow's too fluffy. If you've ever tried making a snowman with fluffy snow, you know it's as fruitless as hiding the holiday egg nog from Drunk Uncle Fritz. We'd recommend pots of water for packing, but they might freeze out there with these temperatures. Better luck next time kid.

7. Mom and Dad are working from home. They might as well tape themselves saying "Please, turn that TV down." "Honey, can you be a little quieter while you're zooming your new truck across the living room?" "For goodness sake, how many times do I have to tell you, Daddy is on an important phone call with his boss?"

Are your kids happy with the snowstorm or bummed about it?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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