NORAD Santa Tracker: See What He's Doing Right Now!

Ho ho ho and a Merry early Christmas to you! Emmy the elf here. We're here working our little booties off at the North Pole and know that you and your families are highly anticipating our arrival tomorrow night. So much so, that you're already wondering how to track Santa this 2010.

Well do not fret, my friends! We may be small elves but we have the power of technology on our side. We've teamed up with some military head honchos to secure us vital airspace and have little fears about the weather conditions getting in our way. Santa does live in the North Pole, after all.

So what do you need to know to track the big guy in red and white tomorrow night?


Let's tackle these questions, shall we? First ...

Where can we go to track Santa?

That's easy. Head over to NORAD's website.

I'm sure you're wondering who these NORAD people are, and how they got the HUGE task of tracking our progress. Well, Santa accidentally left the wrong number for kiddos to reach him more than 50 years ago in 1955. Instead of reaching the North Pole, anticipating girls and boys reached military defense predecessor NORAD's hot line.

Since then, volunteers from the organization have teamed up with the boss man to return calls, update TV stations on his location, collect data on his whereabouts, and of course -- operate the Santa cams which show live pictures of him continent jumping. 

According to their site, they use four satellites to track Santa! Can you believe it? Almost as monitored as the President himself, as he should be! All those presents, and so many places to go all within a few hours.

Can we also use Google Earth?:

Yes, Virginia, you can! If you weren't already sold on everything Google, Santa decided to make things easier this year by making his journey 3-D. He's a techie. Yup, he has a few gadgets on his list this year.

Can we actually see him?

Of course! Check out the Santa Cam throughout the night on Christmas Eve to see Santa and his reindeer traverse the continents!

What kind of cookies does he like?

Oh -- he likes all types of cookies. Definitely anything on a big plate, close to the fireplace. And he's a sucker for peppermint hot chocolate! You can even see how many cookies he eats during his Christmas Eve journey. It's a long trip, can't blame him for working up an appetite!

It's hard to wait ... is there anything we can find out right now?:

No problem! Check in to our North Pole workshop, look in the shops, and see what there is to offer inside. I'm sure some of my friends would love to play some games with you! Come -- help decorate the tree!

Will you be tracking Santa tomorrow night?

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