Sisters Brawl in Bar While Toddler Freezes in Car

Yolanda SaldanaWhether it's okay to leave a child in a car alone even for a few seconds is always a hot topics for parents, but in this case out of Wisconsin, there's no debating the issue. It started when 18-year-old Yolanda Saldana left her toddler daughter with her sister so she could go out partying.

The sister got tired of babysitting and was sending Yolanda texts all day with no response. So the sister put the 21-month-old into the car and went off in search of the mother to give the child back to her.

She found her drinking at Loading Dock bar somewhere around midnight with another sister. An all-out barroom brawl ensued with Yolanda even kicking the sister who had been babysitting in the face. Talk about sisterly spats!

So where was the toddler during all of this?


Out in the car, in the freezing cold. It was only 16 degrees. Police had to break into the car to get her out, and found her wearing only one shoe. They believe she had been in the car for 20-30 minutes ... there outside the bar.

My heart breaks for that little girl, as I imagine my own daughter out there in the freezing cold, in the dark, with no one around. How could anyone do this to a child? The question is: Who actually is responsible for doing it to her?

The mother, Yolanda, ran when police arrived and said she had no idea her daughter was in the car. She has been charged with neglect, domestic abuse-battery, domestic abuse-disorderly conduct, and bail-jumping -- all of which are misdemeanors.

But what about the sister who actually left her in the car? There are no reports of her being charged with anything, and she's the one who actually left the child in the car. I can't help but think she should be ultimately held responsible because while the mother seemingly made some pretty bad choices, she's the one who actually left the child in the car and walked away.

Who do you think should be punished more severely in this case -- the mother or the sister who left the toddler in the car?


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