Father Asks 4Chan to Name His Baby

bIt's not uncommon for moms-to-be to ask the internet for advice about baby names. It's nice to get feedback and hear how a name that sounds nice to your ears might sound awful to others, or have it confirmed that the name you're thinking of is, in fact, the cutest ever.

Sometimes, though, doing so is a terrible idea depending on who you ask. Such is the case for a dad who recently asked members of 4chan's "/b/" board to name his soon-to-be born baby son, and promised to name him whatever post 77 on the thread suggested.

So what name did this poor child get saddled with for the rest of his life?


Courage Wolf. Luckily for him, his last name is Harper which brings down the ridiculous level; imagine if if were Czajkowski or something.

If you're not familiar with 4chan, and especially its /b/ board, it's essentially a bunch of borderline sociopaths who delight in causing trouble on the internet. Remember rickrolling from a few years back? They started that. In other words, exactly the kind of people who would think it's funny to suggest someone name their baby Courage Wolf.

However, posting things totally tongue in cheek and falling over laughing when people take it seriously is also a big 4chan thing, so I'm suspecting the whole deal might be a joke. But there is a birth certificate shown as proof.

For the sake of poor little Courage Wolf, I hope it is!

What do you think of the name Courage Wolf?


Image via lauraslefthook/CafeMom

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