Mom Sacrifices Life Shielding Toddler From Gunfire

mother sacrifices her life for toddler
Monique & Jayden
Most mothers know they would stop a bullet for their child, but Monique Nelson of Sacramento actually did. Now her toddler Jayden will be spending Christmas without his mother, who died shielding her son from gunfire that surrounded them as she buckled the little boy into his car seat in a parking lot.

Not the kind of story you want to hear around the holidays, but the holidays is precisely the reason Monique Nelson and her 2-year-old son wound up in the middle of a gun battle.


The young mom took her toddler to get a Christmas portrait taken at a local strip mall, and the photos of mother and child turned out beautifully. Minutes later Nelson was dead, caught in the middle of what appears to be gang violence. 

Monique's family describes her as a doting mother, who clearly placed her son ahead of herself. So much so that the police found her dead body lying across her son's lap after four gunmen left the scene.

Nelson wasn't the only victim of a battle that centered around a barber shop in the strip mall. Marvion Barksdale, a 20-year-old with a criminal history, was also killed, and five others were wounded inside Fly Cuts & Styles.

For anyone who thinks gang violence isn't their problem, because you don't know anyone in a gang, think of Monique and her little boy Jayden who will grow up without a mother because the pair happened to be getting a Christmas portrait taken at the wrong strip mall at the wrong time.

Whoever took this little boy's mother away should receive a special kind of punishment, if they ever catch him. But right now, uncooperative witnesses aren't talking.

Wouldn't you do the same thing for your child?


Image via Sacramento Bee

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