2010’s Top OMG Parenting Moments

As parents, throughout the past year, we've laughed, we've cried, we've gotten angry passionate — okay — and angry, and so: We wrote about it. We struck the keys with fiery passion over topics ranging from circumcision to America's youngest talent. And nothing comes closer to home than issues involving our kids. From the TSA's attack on a mom to the father who sacrificed his life for his pregnant wife, there was a lot to chat about here on The Stir.

Let's take a look back at the 38 most talked about OMG parenting stories from 2010:


38. Daily Mail Calls Extended Breastfeeding 'Horrifying': Some people feel there is an age limit for kids who breastfeed. Here, a mom was called out for nursing her 6-year-old!

37. Cry It Out: 4 Moms Battle It Out: There may not be an answer to the CIO debate, but we can sure duke it out.

36. 10-Year-Old Babysitter Arrested for Child Abuse: What's Wrong With This Picture?: How could a mother leave her child alone with a 10-year-old in good faith?

35. Circumcision Death Brings Out the Worst Mom Bullies: After a circumcision complication goes wrong, fingers get pointed in all directions after a baby died.

34. Itty Bitty Baby Bikini: Cute or Wrong?: Mommy and me matching itty bitty bikinis!?

33. Preemie Saved By Cardboard Box: Cardboard is used for good -- after the Haiti earthquake. Miracle stories are always great!

32. Lesson Two: Breastfeeding Will Kill You or Make You Attractive to Unicorns: The Bloggess says don't do meth. Meth-laced milk is bad.

31. Breastfeeders Are Mean Girls: We can't all get along and the proof is in this post where everyone came with their claws out.

30. Similac Formula Recall: 7 Things You Need To Know: Outrage. Anger. Formula with a side of beetles?

29. Lesson Seven: Your Birth Plan. Good Luck With That. The Bloggess attacked your birth plan and you all weighed in.

28. 10 Reasons Why Pregnancy Stinks: Scary Mommy gave it to us straight -- pee and poo and all.

27. Baby Taking Bong Hits on Facebook: And who said relationship status was the biggest of your Facebook woes?

26. 10 Behavioral Traits of the Stay-at-Home Mom: Scary Mommy praises the super hard job of the SAHM even if we don't all get to shower.

25. The IRS Hates Breastfeeding Moms: A collective WTF?! Flex spending isn't so flexible when it comes to breastfeeding.

24. 10 Judgy Mommy Retractions: News flash: Your parenting views might change from time to time. We can laugh about it.

23. TSA Targets Breastfeeding Mother: Most of you grumbled when a nursing mom missed her flight when being harassed by a TSA agent over breast milk. Some said so what!

22. Mom Needs Appropriate Punishment for Gay Son: Treating homosexuality as a punishable characteristic didn't earn this mom a lot of fans.

21. Circumcision Should Be Dad's Decision: Dad and son have the same parts — so does that mean pop should have the final say on whether to circumcise?

20. Husband Sacrifices Life for Pregnant Wife: The post comes with a box of tissues.

19. Sleepover Dad Gets 11-Year-Old Pregnant: Outrage. As a parent, an aunt, an uncle, a grandparent ... you will (and did) feel lots of, very justified, outrage!

18. Stop Kissing Your Kids on the Lips NOW (You Too Harry Connick Jr.): Affection between your family members may make others uncomfortable.

17. Circumcision: A Man's Decision?: When one blogger advises moms to "stop chopping up baby boy's wieners like hot dogs," another mom speaks out.

16. 5 Breastfeeding Myths You Probably Believe Are True: What to believe?! We've got the breastfeeding truth!

15. 7 Months Pregnant and a Bar Refused to Serve Her Booze: Shocking? Maybe not.

14. 5 Hospital Procedures That Ruin Your Birth: Empowerment right here!

13. Circumcision: One Parent's Decision: Circumcision, and the decision to circumcise, has passion on both sides of the aisle. You have your opinions and are not afraid to share them!

12. 9 Lifesaving Car Seat Rules You're Probably Ignoring: A must read. And we're really glad you did.

11. Should the 'Abortion Couple' Be Shot? Let's Vote On It: Well, we now know it was all a hoax ... but boy did this couple get our juices flowing. Vote on it. Ridiculous! 

10. Watch a Doll Give Birth, Placenta Included: "Mommy, what's this long red thing for?"

9. Confessions of a Labor & Delivery Nurse: Wow! This nurse held nothing back. Guess they want us to shave?

8. Dad Who Went Bananas on a School Bus Is My Hero: This dad took the safety of his daughter into his own hands after the school did nothing to help. We applaud him!

7. Now a Circumcision Ban? Stop it San Francisco!: A prison sentence for circumcising your son? Really?

6. Police Refuse to Save Kid From Hot Car Because He's Not Unconscious: So, so, so WRONG.

5. 20 Names I Would Never Give My Baby: Baby names are always a hot topic and so this post was no different! Popular names be damned.

4. I'm Excited NOT To Breastfeed: One mom says, quite adamantly, that she will not breastfeed ... and lots of people respond.

3. New Car Seat Rules Mean You May Be Doing it Wrong: Keeping your kiddie rear-facing for more than a year is not something Americans are ready to embrace. Though isn't change good if it'll save lives?

2. Lesson Three: Your Kids' Names Are Stupid. Stop Doing That: The Bloggess doesn't like the names Semen, Awesome, and Atrocity. And thank her for making her case!

1. Doula Loses Everything in Fire: Help Us Help Her!: The number one story helps to restore faith in humanity! When a Doula lost everything she had in a house fire, The Stir readers banded together to spread the word and make sure she got a sizeable donation.

What was your favorite Stir story of 2010?

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