Dad Rushing Pregnant Wife to Hospital Deserves a Ticket

traffic lightWe're supposed to feel bad for Steve Selvidge. The new dad was rushing his pregnant wife to a Tennessee hospital to give birth when he ran a red light. So the cops did what cops do when someone violates the law.

They tracked him down and gave him a ticket. Can you guess what Selvidge told his local TV station? Of course he thinks it's unfair! After all, his wife was having contractions just five minutes apart, and he wanted to get her to the hospital. He didn't hurt anyone! And, come on, he's got a new baby at home to support; who can afford a ticket?

Yes, we're supposed to feel bad for Steve Selvidge (and dads like him). But do you? Really? I don't. Being in labor is scary, but it doesn't give you a right to put everyone's life at risk.


When you look at it, the mad dash to the hospital makes little sense. The point is to get there in time for medical practitioners to assist the pregnant woman in her labor and delivery. Essentially, you're trying to ensure the safest birth possible for the baby.

But you're putting that baby at a much bigger risk than that of an unattended birth on the way to that safe place by driving like a moron. Ignoring the rules of the road puts driver Dad, passenger Mom, plus the baby at risk -- in that order. According to accident statistics, the number one victim in car accidents is the driver, followed by the passenger, and then other people. Reckless driving that sends a car off the roadway accounts for 33 percent of vehicle-related fatalities, and another 30 percent are from people driving over the speed limit.

I was not comfortable with a home birth (no disrespect, but to each their own), but I'd take it any day over lying dead on the roadside. Do I have to go out on a limb to say every other woman in America would say the same? We'd love to get there before the window closes on that epidural, but we'd love to retain all our limbs even more.

Sorry, Dads, but your dreams of being the next Andretti for just one day need to be shelved. You could spend the time reading up on home delivery instead. Do you think these kinds of situations garner the driver special consideration?


Image via Horia Varlan/Flickr

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