Brittany Mae Smith Search: Is No News Bad News?

brittany mae smithThe search continues for Brittany Mae Smith, the missing 12-year-old who police believe is with the 32-year-old man being questioned about her mother's death.

Family and friends held a prayer vigil Tuesday and are hoping for a safe return even though the details about the possible kidnapping are discouraging: The man police think took Brittany is Jeffery Easley -- her mother's boyfriend and a suspect in her murder. Authorities released a photo of the two together at Walmart and are investigating whether it was taken before or after her mother's death.

Easley's mother, Sallie Martin, has publicly pleaded with her son to turn Brittany in:

If you would just take her somewhere and drop her off, call 911, give me a call, come to the house, do whatever you need to do, we'll work this out.

Any info about Brittany Mae Smith's disappearance should be reported to the Roanoke County Police at 540-777-8641 or the Virginia State Police at 1-800-822-4453.


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