Birth to 10 Years in 1 Minute [Video]

Add this incredible Birth to 10 Years video, along with the magic pancake man, to the makes-me-feel-like-a-crappy-dad file. A father took -- or at least came close to taking (slacker) -- a photo of his daughter every day for 10 years, then made a time-lapse video of her aging.

It's exactly the kind of project I would have devised at birth and given up sometime in the toddler years. Well, actually a few days after birth probably.

This has been done before with a grown man in Noah Kalina's Everyday, where he took his picture in the Facebook self-portrait style every day for six years. While quite cool to watch, it also just seemed narcissistic. But Natalie sprouting from 0-10 in 85 seconds, it's, well, it's harder to describe. Just watch. It's beautiful but strangely creepy.

Alright I need a minute for the eye-drying but a few thoughts:


Of course everyone's first response is a Kleenex-clutching "They grow up so fast!" as pacifier leads to Hello Kitty which leads to school uniforms.

But there's this eerie feeling I get from the whole thing, and it's the thing that makes me want to watch it again and again. Partly it's just that the morphing looks like a horror movie. But I think it's more this: You have no idea what your child is going to look like when they're older. And I don't just mean they may go goth at 13. Their actual raw physical appearance. Sure that face will be the same in some ways, but you have no idea what's going to grow up around it. I couldn't have matched toddler Natalie to 10-year-old Natalie. You can't even count on the kid's hair color being the same. Look at your toddler and try to age them in your head, like they do with missing kid pictures. It's near-impossible right?

It scares the crap out of me. Who is this strange 10-year-old girl I'm going to have living in my house? And mine's already 6. 

This, though, is even better: more beautiful and not-at-all creepy. Legendary radio producer Tony Schwartz recorded his niece Nancy all through her childhood, and condensed it into about two magnificent minutes. It's really a work of art, give it a listen. (The video is meant to be black for dramatic effect.)

The last line is the best: "I've been discovering boys." So self-aware for a 13-year-old! Okay, I guess it's a little bit creepy.

What do you think? Would you make this type of video? Wish you did?

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