Teacher Tapes Kid to a Desk & Gets Away With It

school deskA Utah teacher, who was pushed to her limits by a misbehaving third-grade student, resorted to a rather strange corporeal punishment and is getting away with it.

After warning the student about her disruptive behavior to no avail, the teacher placed one six-inch piece of Scotch tape across each of the third-grader’s wrists and attached the ends of the tape to the desk.

The case was reported to the Utah Division of Child and Family Services, and a judge ruled that the teacher’s actions were “neglect -- emotional maltreatment.” However, the teacher appealed and today a court found her not guilty of neglect or abuse. The teacher's only punishment in the end? A verbal reprimand by the district and an order to never engage in such an act again.

Do you think taping a kid to a desk is a major or minor offense?

Image via sambo854/Flickr

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