Babies Are the New Black!

Pregnancy is now "in" in the fashion world. Quick! Get a bun in the oven before it goes out!

According to New York Magazine, a baby bump no longer means nine months of no work for models.

Pregnancy is no longer a "call us when you're back in shape" situation for models; just the opposite, in fact. (Adriana) Lima didn't do that Givenchy show in the end, but Jourdan Dunn's belly was spectacularly emphasized at Jean Paul Gaultier's spring 2010 show, with a custom baby-bump pad strapped around her midsection. This past Fashion Week in Paris, Miranda Kerr walked Balenciaga, to much fanfare, her six-month bump impossible to miss. Gisele hit the runway in June of last year at São Paulo Fashion Week for the label Colcci, her modest three-month bump clearly visible.

It's great, right? I mean why would we moms not want pregnancy being emphasized in such a way? Claudia Schiffer is all preggo on the cover of Vogue? Excellent!


Except pregnancy being "in" seems kind of silly. When has pregnancy been out?

Pregnancy is a natural state. Women have been experiencing it every day, all over the world since the dawn of humanity.

The fashion industry loves to declare what's in or out. "Purple in the new black"; "pink is the new orange"; and so on. Do we really need some pretentious community who encourages eating disorders telling us what's in now in our personal lives, too?

Can you imagine a woman saying, "Well I was totally going to wait but then I heard babies are in for fall, so I decided to pull the goalie"?

First, of course, any woman who would say that is a moron, but it's also kind of hilarious. Quick! Babies are the new black! Get knocked up!

And the most distressing question of all: what happens when babies do go out of style? Where do they go then?

What do you think of pregnancy being "in"?


Image via Vogue

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