White Rock Marathon Teen Puts Other Teens to Shame

How does one 15-year-old with scoliosis make a giant difference in researching the condition?

She runs the White Rock Marathon for it.

15-year-old Logan McGill has always been an athlete, ever since she ran her first 5K as a young girl, but in the past year, her back started to ache and that backache quickly became a devastating diagnosis -- scoliosis.

She had a choice between a brace or allowing her back to deteriorate to the point of needing surgery, while maintaining her fitness schedule. She chose a third option -- wearing the brace an taking it off to maintain her sports.

She also did something else. She decided to run a relay marathon. And in one year, the young girl and her relay team of 60 have raised $50,000 -- a record by any calculation.


Incredible. According to the Dallas Morning News:

Her team, called Race for the Curve, has shattered the marathon's fundraising record. They have raised $50,000 for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children – more than the combined total of every other donation made through the marathon this year and eclipsing any other fundraising effort that the race's organizers have ever seen. 

The young girl, determined to find other ways to treat scoliosis said of her own decision:

I just don't want the surgery, said Logan, who has seen the scars it left on two swimmers she knows. So she spends about 20 hours a day strapped into her brace, cramming her training, races and the occasional date or dance into the scarce time left over.

And even though she is battling the condition herself, McGill is still dominating her cross country team. She can run  5:40 mile, but says she is not trying for that at the Dec. 5 marathon where she will run two five-mile relay legs, thus running more distance than she ever has before.

I'm just going to try to run the first mile as fast as I can. And then I'll probably just die, she joked last week.

But we know she won't because it is truly an amazing feat and a testament to what a 15-year-old girl can really do when she puts her mind to it.

So the next time you find yourself lamenting the fate of "kids today," think of young Logan and all she can do and put some pressure on your own little teen ingrates! Just kidding. But really, this is the kind of child we should all hope to have someday.

She is also smart to keep her distance at 10. The full 26.2 miles is too long a run for teen body, but organizing the relay shows she is judicious, too.

Impressive girl. Hopefully she rocks the marathon today.

Image via Run the Rock

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