Pregnant Women Shouldn't Have Drunken Orgies

A pregnant woman being dragged into an alley and raped by two strangers is about as horrifying a story as they come. Perhaps even more horrifying is the story about the pregnant woman who had sex with three strangers and said she was raped.

Which one do you think just happened in the UK?

A supermarket worker who is three months pregnant told her boss that she was late for work one morning because she was raped in a park by two strangers. The truth was much blurrier. She had actually played drinking games all night with three men she met in the street, given them all oral sex, and gone home.

And she might have gotten away with the lie if one of the men had not captured her consent on his camera phone.

It seems someone isn't quite ready to be a mother ...


First of all, it's hard to imagine being pregnant with one man's baby and having sex with another.

It happens, OK fine. But then to be so ashamed that you turn around and lie about it?

Or how about the part where she drank so much that she ended up going down on not one, not two, but three men while carrying another man's child?

Of course, none of those things are that bad. I probably wouldn't have done them myself, but you know, to each their own. It's her life.

But the final piece, the part where she lies about being raped in order to justify her behavior, is the part that finally screams the obvious: this woman is in no way ready to be a mom.

Judge Goldstaub said: "The men had to make statements and supply their DNA to police officers, and it must have been a frightening experience, particularly for the man you identified. All he could say was that you had consented, but defendants often say so in rape cases, and juries are often invited not to believe them. The effects on the victim wrongly accused can be appalling, and might well have been in this case. The court heard Johnson had downed five gin and tonics, a glass of wine, and Sambuca shots on a night out in her home town of Chelmsford on June 4 this year."

Not everyone is in a relationship when they're pregnant, fine. And maybe some women do date when they're pregnant and have sex with the men. But it's the combination of all these things, plus the lying that says this woman needs to give that baby up to someone who is ready to be a responsible, trustworthy adult.

What do you think?


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