Baby Born at McDonald's Faster Than Your Drive-Thru Experience

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Think she supersized it?
One pregnant mama sure got a big surprise at McDonald's last week and it wasn't a Happy Meal Toy. Candice Mockobee, due December 17, decided that November 30 was much more convenient. You know, because kids are high maintenance like that. It's all about them! SIGH.

Mockobee was at work at a Holiday Inn Express in Indiana (should have stayed there to have the baby, free continental breakfast!) when she felt strong contractions and called her parents to come get her and drive her to the hospital. But a few minutes later, she got the urge to push just as her father pulled off the road into a McDonald's parking lot. And by the time Vanderburgh County off-duty Detective Randy Chapman came to help (it was unclear whether or not he was there for their SCALDING HOT COFFEE), the baby was born. In Mockobee's pants leg.


You just can't make this stuff up. Believe me, I've tried.

Anywho, pants leg. Now THAT'S what I call a precipitous birth! The detective wrapped the baby girl (now named Jacilyn) in a blanket and waited for an ambulance to transport them, where mother and baby were doing fine. No word on whether or not they got a Big Mac Value Meal or nuggets while they waited for the ambulance, but my vote would have been for one of the new yummy smoothies. It's probably good that it didn't happen at Denny's because if she tried to nurse there, they might send her to the bathroom. If she had a baby inside the restaurant, they might have sent her to the kitchen. WHO KNOWS. Although nursing her inside a McDonald's isn't safe, either.

Basically, Jacilyn came in about 10 minutes. Which is less time than most of us wait in the drive-thru lane. Heck, it takes 10 minutes JUST TO ORDER and then they get your order wrong or the fries are cold or they forget to push down the little thingy on the lid telling you whether or not it's diet and the reheated burgers are nasty at odd ordering hours and! No, I haven't had bad experiences there, WHY DO YOU ASK? It's not like my husband worked there in high school or anything (okay, fine, he totally did).

And when baby Jacilyn is a little older, her mama Mockobee will have one heck of a story to tell her about her birth. How many people can claim being born in a Mickey D's parking lot? Not many, I'll bet. One thing is for sure, Mockobee is already planning Jacilyn's first birthday party. At? YOU GUESSED IT. McDonald's. But they won't have happy meals if San Francisco or the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) have their way. SHEESH. Joykillers! Good luck planning that party at McDonald's, Candice! And congratulations on one of the best birth stories of the week.

Heard any good birth stories lately?

Image via Marj Hatzell

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