Boy Stuck in Washing Machine: Never Underestimate Toddler Mischief

boy stuck in washing machineTurns out drunk girls crawling into dryers aren't the only people who can get into trouble in the laundry room.

A toddler in China got stuck in a washing machine and was wedged in there for about two hours before firefighters rescued him!

They had to use a power saw and dismantle the entire washing machine just to get him out. He was really stuck.

Check out the video:


Apparently, the 3-year-old was playing hide and go seek with his mother and thought she'd never find him there. Smart guy, I certainly wouldn't think to look there.

But he's not the first toddler to take a try at the spin cycle. Back in June, also strangely in China, a 3-year-old girl got stuck in a washing machine.

Better lock those laundry rooms!

Toddlers in general are wily little creatures, always thinking of sticking themselves in things and things in themselves we would never think of.

Earlier this year, a toddler in Australia crawled into a glass candy machine and got stuck there.

The Telegraph

There was a recent case in New York in which a toddler got his fingers stuck in a paper shredder. Police freed him and he wasn't harmed, but one shudders to think what could have happened.

While hopefully not as dramatic, most moms of toddlers have at least one story of their child getting into mischief they could never have even imagined.

When they're younger, there's pretty much no choice but to stay by their side 24/7 as they explore and figure out the world, but it's as they get older that they can fool you.

You start to get used to their ways, know what they get into and what they don't, if they're a climber or not, and you start to walk out the room and stay out for longer and longer.

But just when you think you know your toddler, they end up in your washing machine that they've never given a second glance previously. They're tricky like that!

Lesson learned: NEVER underestimate the mischief a toddler can make.

What's the worst mischief your toddler has made?

Images (from top to bottom) via YouTube, The Telegraph

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