'Timmy Time' Through a Grown Up's Eyes

I'm at it again. Me. A dad. Watching toddler television alone and for my own entertainment. Previous installments included Yo Gabba Gabba, Oobi, and Max and Ruby.

Despite attempts to clear my mind and watch all of these shows with the fresh eyes of a 25-year-old who's never made a baby or had spit-up down his shirt, I've brought a load of preconceptions to all of them so far. So this week I thought I'd try something I'd never seen before, and set my 1981 Sony Betamax VCR to tape Timmy Time, about which I know nothing.

Quick note to producers after seeing just the title. A simple exclamation point: Timmy Time! would make the title 10 times more awesome. Though folks may think you're a South Park spin-off.


The opening title song -- "Timmy, it's Timmy, he's a little lamb with a lot to learn!" -- doesn't bode well. And the thing's on the Disney Channel, rarely a good sign (for me anyway). 

Oh but it gets good immediately once we get into the multispecies -- with the subtext multicultural -- classroom. The characters are damned adorable, starting with Timmy the lamb himself. And there's no talking! Always a huge plus for an adult who's had to sit through Barney's blather. The closest we get to verbiage are the wordy mumbles of the paper-plate faced owl that teaches the barnyard kids. It's like a variant of the dialect the teachers speak on Charlie Brown.

In this episode, Timmy's calf buddy gets a horrible -- but horribly cute -- case of the hiccups. And Timmy makes it his little-lamb mission to cure them -- through ear flapping, head-shaking, pogo-stick-style jumping. It's all so infectious and effective looking I plan to try it all when I get my next case. He finally gets (SPOILER ALERT!) cured by a popped beach ball. And the hopping lamb-calf love they use to celebrate is legendary. 

This is definitely one I'd watch on my own. I give it four dad martinis on a scale of five.

But despite my being new to it, there's something so familiar about all these characters. The simple, googly eyes, the thick-necked pig in a turtleneck. Oh! Got it! Didn't even need to IMDB it! They're relatives of Wallace and Gromit! Aardman Animation is in on it. I didn't recognize the style without the adorable English accents.

Well, now all the goodness makes sense. I hope they make toys, I'm going all in.

Do you watch Timmy Time? What do you think of the show?


Images via Andrew Dalton, Timmytime.tv

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