Fear Mongers Prey on Pregnant Women: Are You Scared?

belly armorRemember the whole “radiation from cell phones will give you a brain tumor” thing? Oh, and what about all the harmful rays that come from power lines? There are also WiFi networks -- pretty much everybody has one, so you’re being pelted with radiation left and right. And of course, there’s your laptop to consider -- the radiation shoots right into your belly.

You might want to back away from your computer to read this, on account of all the radiation that’s shooting at you right now. Turn off all the lights, television, and radio, too.

Thank god for all of us that Belly Armor came along!

Belly Armor is a new line of products designed to shield you and your unborn child from radiation caused by the electronics in your life. You don’t have any of those, do you?


The product line includes a blanket, t-shirts, and a belly band. They aren’t constructed of some crazy heavy lead-lined material, either. Instead, the company says that the secret lies in the special fabric woven from 82 percent silver fiber. They don’t want to get “into the details,” but their special fabric will “neutralize incoming electromagnetic waves.” What is really cool is that you only have to wear this one teensy band and your baby will be protected from the waves that are constantly pelting your entire body. From everywhere. All over your house. Everywhere you work. Where you shop. All day long.

Oh, it’s true that their fabric does block cell phone waves. And I’m sure it blocks other stuff too. So that part is actually very cool.

But what’s not cool is that the dose of radiation it would take to actually harm a fetus is relatively huge. Huge as in the amount of radiation contained in 5,000 x-rays. There is no way to avoid these waves that Belly Armor says they can protect us from. They come from everything electronic. We would have to literally wear Belly Armor burqas to avoid them.

This company is raking in the cash by playing off of the fears of pregnant women. They would have you believe that your cell phone and laptop can actually create enough radiation to cause birth defects. It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting that any company would actively prey on our fears, trying to convince us to buy from them “just in case.”

Anyway, if you’re interested, I’ve created this little sticker. When you put it on your car, it means you’ll never get in a car wreck while pregnant and your baby will never suffer any harm. I’ll only charge you a couple hundred dollars, but no price is too much to protect your baby, right?


What do you think of Belly Armor? Necessary or not?


Image via Belly Armor

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