Pregnant Bikini Contest: A Lesson in the Power of Cellulite

pregnant bikini contestThe votes are in, and the absolute coolest pregnant women on earth live in San Diego. How else do you describe the type of woman who lines up for a radio station's pregnant bikini contest in the California city?

Awesome? Brave? My heroes?

How about hot mamas? That's what San Diego's Rock 105.3 called them, and we have to agree. Take a look: 


Ladies, I have some advice for you. Do it while you still can! I wish I had.

I spent my pregnancy curled up on my couch (or in my bed) in flannel PJ pants and my husband's sweatshirts. And thanks to a stomach criss-crossed with stretch marks, I'm never getting in a bikini again.

But these women didn't let anything scare them. Not cellulite on the thighs (look closely at the pictures). And definitely not some narrow construct of beauty that claims women need to be a size 0 with bodacious tatas.

Unfortunately, the "pregnancy glow" you're supposed to sport when you're with child is a myth (in my experience anyway). If you're hiding in your bathroom throwing up all the time, your skin tends to get sallow. Ditto if you're on the couch all the time feeling miserable.

But there are plenty of men who will tell you their wife never looked sexier than when she was pregnant. It's not about her size to them (well, there are those fetishists, but we're not going there). It's about her owning who she was. Like these bikini wearing babes in San Diego.

If you're a miserable pregnant woman, you will look like a miserable pregnant woman (guilty). If you rock it, you just might be the coolest pregnant woman out there.

Let's show the women of San Diego what the rest of the country has got going on. Would you be able to do it?


Image via Rock 105.3

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