Cop Gives Pregnant Woman Big Surprise

pregnantThere are crappy things that happen to pregnant women every day that sort of make you wonder: why the heck am I bringing a kid into this world? But did you ever look around you?

Walk through a mall with a big ol' belly hanging out, and people tend to look down, then look up at your face and grin.

Seriously, there's nothing like the preggo look to bring out the mushy gushy (and the too much information, but that's another story). Take the cop who saw a six-month pregnant woman down on her knees on a cold day in Lewiston, Maine trying to pull a bald tire off of her disabled car.

He went and bought her two new tires.


That just made me miss being pregnant. Nobody was buying me tires, but all I had to do was lace my fingers over my stomach, and people were tripping over their feet, they couldn't get there fast enough to open doors for me or offer to carry my groceries to my car.

And they were doing it at the mall. Where people tend to act like you've got some hidden "I want the last pair of gloves at The Gap" agenda even on a good day. It's the kind of place that makes the cynics scream "chivalry is dead" and the optimists consider dumping that glass on the jerk who just flew through the pedestrian crossing without a second glance.

I tend to glance at pregnant bellies and give women an extra smile myself, but I've been there, done that. Why the rest of the world does it, I don't know.

Some great hope for mankind? Are they smirking because we've got the most obvious sign that we've had sex out there? Or does every pregnant woman make them think about their own mother?

Whatever the motives, in Lewiston, Corporal Jeff Baril is reportedly having a hard time for accepting credit, even though he totally made Heather Jeselskis' day. She's been through a divorce, has an 8-year-old and another on the way, plus she has an elderly father who she cares for -- driving out in her aging Honda to his house on a lonely highway.

If this is what pregnancy does to people, it's time for another baby boom.

Do you feel like you light up a room these days?


Image via seanmcgrath/Flickr

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