'Supernanny' Retires! What Will Happen to the Children?!

supernanny retiresSay it ain't so, Jo! Supernanny Jo Frost is hanging up her behavior chart and headed into the private sector. Apparently being on the road and taking care of other people's little monsters aren't conducive to dating, marrying, or creating your own family. Huh.

Admittedly, I haven't watched Supernanny in a long time. I have two kids, and between the constant taking them back to bed without eye contact, chore lists, and whipping my husband into shape, I don't have the time. But reviewing some of the most popular clips from the Supernanny website, I realized what the world will be losing as Jo Frost decides to leave them behind and possibly create her own babies (who will undoubtedly be incredibly well-behaved).

I can only assume the following doomsday scenarios will come to pass:

  • Toddlers will never sleep in their cribs. Ever. Again.
  • Naughty steps will start gathering dust.
  • Four-year-olds will suddenly stop wiping their own bums.
  • Men will go back to being the La-Z-Boy riding, remote control hogging louts they were before they faced the threat of a British woman coming into their home to shame them.

Do you see what kind of world you're leaving behind, Jo? We can't live this way! We can't!

Please Supernanny, come back and save us from ourselves.

Alternately, just swing by my house on your way back to England and get my toddler to sleep through the night. 'Kay? Thanks.

What will you miss most about Jo Frost, Supernanny?

Image via ABC

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