Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie Offers Body for Surrogacy

Thomas BeatieThomas Beatie has turned "pregnant man" three times over for his own family, but he says he's not done sharing that wonder uterus with the world.

He told Life & Style he'd like to serve as a surrogate for a family who can't conceive on their own. Says Beatie, "When I was first approached with the idea, I thought it was crazy. Then I thought about what it means and what having a family means to us. I thought, This is a huge deal and I'm capable of it, why not?"

Desperate infertile couples of America, stop dialing. Put down the phone. Using Thomas Beatie as your surrogate may not be in your best interests.


Born female, Beatie underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a male, later marrying wife Nancy. When she couldn't conceive because of a previous hysterectomy, he still had his uterus and ended up carrying not one, not two, but all three of their children.

Their first child, daughter Susan, came in the summer of 2008. Baby Jensen was born just this past August.

They're little miracles, the lot of them, but that time frame makes my uterus ache. In two years, the Beaties have had three children. Beatie's baby oven has been through hell.

Scientists don't recommend that kind of accelerated childbearing schedule. According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2006, "infants born to women who conceived less than six months after giving birth had a 40% increased risk for being born prematurely and a 61% increased risk of low birth weight, compared with infants born to mothers who waited 18 months to two years between pregnancies."

Also of consideration is Beatie's age. He's now 36, one year past the magic number when doctors began quoting increased risks of fetal abnormalities, miscarriage, low birth weight, and stillbirth.

Add on to that, Beatie's first pregnancy was considered at risk because he'd spent 10 years taking testosterone. He's been able to conceive and carry his own children, but that's his decision (and that of his wife). They can't tell what effects the hormones could have on someone else's children.

The guy has his heart in the right place. He's a happy dad. Who wouldn't WANT to share that?

"If I can do this and help make another family fulfill their dream of having a child, then that's what I want to do." Thomas says.

Yay, Beatie family! But, um, if you don't mind, you can keep that uterus to yourself. It sounds like you might anyway ...

"If we don't find the right family for surrogacy, I think I have one more person inside of me," he told Life & Style.

Would you take him up on the offer?


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