Free Scary Pancakes for Kids at IHOP!

Scary Face pancakeIHOP is taking the scary out of trying to figure out how to feed your kids a Halloween-themed food this weekend.

Kids get free scary pancakes on Friday, October 29!

And you don't have to cook. Or try to top Jim the pancake dad (who is making parents across the nation look bad with hours spent over the griddle every morning) with your not-so-crafty hands.


IHOP is calling it "No Tricks, Just Treats," and they're giving kids 12 and under their own "design your own" Scary Face pancake -- nicknamed Count Spatula by the votes of some 1,300 kids in an Internet contest -- any time on Friday.

That means an oversized buttermilk pancake is served up with a whipped topping mouth and strawberry nose. Two mini OREO cookies and candy corn will be sent over to your table so the kids can get their decorating on right there at the table. That means all the fun with no mess to clean up back at home.

And did we mention it's free?

Even parents can get in on the action with the adult version -- Trick or Treat all you can eat pancakes (you pay for the first set, but they keep 'em coming three at a time) are available at the 1,476 IHOPs scattered around the 50 states.

No IHOP around your neck of the woods? Make your own buttermilk pancakes or go for an even healthier twist. Then let them loose with the fixings.

It's a good way to use up that decorative candy corn (that, ahem, no one seems to eat?), but even better -- you're letting them play with their food. Which officially makes you the coolest mom ever.

Do you make scary breakfast for Halloween?

Image via IHOP

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