Placenta Jelly for Sale: Get Your Orders In

Placenta JellyWherever you stand on the issue of eating the placenta after giving birth, chances are you're thinking about your own placenta cut up and loafed or ground into little capsules. A Japanese company marketing placenta jelly and placenta drinks did not get that memo.

They're mass marketing placenta goodies under the name Qbit Placenta, and they want you to pony up to "help undergo metabolic change and self healing."

Hey, what pregnant woman couldn't use a little self healing?

Oh wait, that's sexual healing. All in nine months, honey, all in nine months (give or take six weeks for the vagina to recover). Anyway ...


According to the poorly translated English version of the Nihon Sofuken site:

Placenta has a very important function that connects the unborn baby and the mother. It creates all the multiply factor of the cell to grow the unborn baby. After the baby is born, Placenta ends its function as organ and comes out from the Body. Many animals eat placenta in order to recover the health. We human being is said to eat this placenta of the mother with their family in the era of B.C. Recently placenta of animals and human being is refined and dosage by way of injection or oral medicine.

They use the term "medicine" loosely in this sense. The offerings from Nihon Sofuken are jellies, beauty capsules, and some strange "Gold Placenta" beverage with kiwi fruit concentrate and honey, which we're betting are there to mask the flavor of, well, afterbirth.

Women aren't lining up to hand their baby's lifeblood over to the company. Shocking, we know.

The company lets you save your placenta for planting or loaf mashing or what have you (storage by the peas?) by stealing the afterbirth from pigs instead (first it was their fetuses for science class, then their hearts for adults ... now this). Then they check it for "arsenic, heavy metal, general bacterium, colon, genetic recombination, alergy [sic], BSE."

Even better, Nihon is thinking of your tender morning sickness plagued tummy Mom. They get rid of the blood (which they say gives up a nasty "bad smell and rot" -- go figure), then throw in some peach flavor to further mask the "animal smell."

Hungry yet?

Image via Nihon Sofuken

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