Facebook Photo Saves Toddler & You Need to Know Why

facebook saves toddlerIt seems that all Facebook has been good for is alerting your neighbors to horrific behavior around the kids. This time, a Facebook photo actually saved a toddler's life and has me scanning pictures of my kids as well.

A nurse in the UK was looking at her Facebook friend photos and noticed something off about her friend's 2-year-old. Nicola Sharp had worked in pediatrics for decades and recognized a potentially fatal eye cancer in baby Grace.

(In lieu of having a pediatric nurse review your photos on Facebook, log in now for peace of mind.)


Sharp noticed that instead of "red eye" in one of Grace's photos, one eye was red and one eye was shining white. Sharp recognized this as a sign of eye cancer. Instead of the traditional call to CPS after viewing disturbing pictures of kids online, Sharp phoned the mother, Michelle Freeman.

What scares the poop out of me, as a mother, is that Freeman said there was absolutely no reason for her to have believed something was wrong with Grace's eye. So when she took her to the doctor, she was shocked as Grace was diagnosed with retinoblastoma and two tumors were discovered. If the cancer had not been discovered, it could have spread and ultimately killed the little girl.

Normally I'm not a fan of "diagnosis by photo," which can lead to, "Isn't your daughter too skinny?" comments. However, this proves that nosy FB friends are worth their weight in pokes. So stalk away, Facebook friends! Just fill me in when one of my little ones is looking sickly.

Are you looking at all of your photos right now?


Image via dan taylor/Flickr

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