Toy Maker Hasbro Invades TV With New Kids Channel

I've always tried to TiVo then fast-forward past commercials when the kid watches non-public TV. I doubled down my efforts when I actually heard her make a plea for Fruity Pebbles by saying "but they're part of a nutritious breakfast." 

Now there's a new channel that makes that impossible -- it's pretty much all commercials all the time.


Toy maker Hasbro is the main partner behind a new kids' channel called The Hub. And it won't take any time for them to get into your house. As Kyle Kopp explains at The Examiner:

Rather than enter the ring as a startup, the aptly named Hub pulled off a $300 million deal to buy out the floundering Discovery Kids channel already broadcast to more than 60 million US homes. This allows the new channel to being broadcasting immediately rather than slowly hoping to find its way on the cable and satellite channel packages.

They won't waste any time getting your kids' begged-for toys -- the same ones you begged for -- on the air. Slots are already lined up for shows featuring My Little Pony, Pound Puppies, G.I. Joe, and Transformers.

Seems with Nickelodeon and Disney in a fierce, hair-pulling battle over the tween market, these folks are looking to get the focus back on the little ones.

But they're not just restricting it to pure kid fare, they're coming for me, too. They've got an evening game show, Family Game Night, that has folks competing at the company's beloved games: Candyland, Scrabble, Operation, and Monopoly.

Alright, I may be a cynic, but I'm a board game freak and I'm not made of wood. That sounds kind of appealing. And I think my own clan would kick some serious ass, maybe we'll try out. I'm the king of Candyland. And they've got Fraggle Rock. My heart sings.

So maybe this isn't something to get our big-kid undies in a bunch over.

They've already been on our TVs forever -- hell G.I. Joe was a staple of my school afternoons, though I was a little too old to be watching it (no wonder it took me so long to get a girlfriend).

A walk through Target and Toys R Us yields as much Sesame Street crap as Transformers and My Little Pony. And the other networks are knee-deep in Ben 10's and Bakugans. Does it really matter that in this case the toys came before the channel?

Would you let your kid watch the Hasbro Channel?

Image via Dreamcicle/Flickr

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