10/10/10 Baby Has Siblings Born on 9/9/9 & 8/8/8

Barbara Soper Chad SoperBarbara "Barbie" Soper is letting statisticians get their geek on after delivering her third baby on Sunday. That's because it was the third baby for the Soper family born on a numerical anomaly

Baby number one came on 8-8-08. Baby number two came on 9-9-09, and, yes, Sunday was 10-10-10.

It's an almost impossibly cool coincidence -- especially when you consider her third baby wasn't due until November of this year but came early, and she didn't schedule C-sections with any of the kids.

But let's do a little math of our own here, shall we?


Barbara Soper has been either pregnant or recovering from giving birth since late 2007. It is now late 2010.

Can we send her some condolence cards along with those congratulatory bouquets?

Many women who have had their kids in quick succession tout the advantages to getting their childbearing over in one fell swoop: having little to no break in between the kids means they're closer in age and can play with each other on almost the same level; once you potty train one you can start the next one and escape the diaper stage faster; and of course you don't have the "lost baby weight, now I'm pregnant again" conundrum.

But there's a reason doctors discourage the practice.

Pregnancy and childbirth both do a number on the body -- especially the uterus, your baby's house for the next nine months. It takes a minimum of six weeks after delivery to return to its normal size, but it still needs time to recover to again be a hospitable home for a fetus.

New studies have likewise found women really DO need to lose that baby weight before embarking on a new pregnancy. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, there's less strain on the body (and less risk to the fetus) if your body has gone back down to a healthy weight before the next pregnancy begins.

Add to that, if you're planning to nurse your kids for longer than nine months, it's possible to do it -- but it's needlessly complicated when babies are born one on top of another.

Barbara and Chad Soper say she never planned for this to happen. Her son was a surprise pregnancy, and her second and third children were born earlier than their due dates -- she was due on September 20, 2009 with Cameron, who was born September 9, and little Cearra born this month was actually due November 4.

Congrats to the family on their mathematical surprises!

Does anyone have tips for them on three kids under 3?

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