World's Fattest Toddler Banned From Nursery School

worlds fattest toddler xiao haoXiao Hao is 3 years old and 140 pounds. Yep, that is one big toddler. About five times the size of a normal toddler, Xiao Hao is also taller than the average 3-year-old, which makes some doctors believe he has a hormonal disorder.

Other doctors, however, say the tot is a victim of "Little Emperor Syndrome," aka spoiling. You may be asking yourself, "WTF?"

Apparently when Chinese families are only allowed one child, especially if it's a boy, the little dude gets spoiled rotten, and some crazy people think that's how Hao got so tall and wide. Doesn't mom always get the blame?

Mom is getting screwed in another way as well. That is, if she works outside the home. Little (big) Xiao Hao has been banned from several nursery schools in Guangzhou, the region of southern China where Xiao Lin and Hao live.

Why in the world would he be banned?


Reportedly, Hao is considered a "health hazard" to the other children. How the extra large toddler is hurting other children has not been specified in the report in The Sun. But unless Hao is stealing their lunches and sitting on them until they can't breathe, it's simply a case of discrimination. You can't catch "fat."

Xiao Lin is begging for help in slimming down her little boy and says that he does not fit into any swim trunks or inner tubes or she would take him swimming for exercise. Although it seems like some serious hormonal testing and evaluation is really the only hope for Hao to discover what's happening to his little/big body. In the meantime, the kid should be allowed in school, and to have a normal life. Just because he's bigger does not mean he is a hazard.

Would you be upset if your toddler were in school with Xiao Hao?


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