These Women Will Do Anything to Have a Baby

Over the years, many people have done many crazy things to satisfy their urge to have a baby.

We all feel that urge a little, some stronger than others. It is, after all, a biological desire. But when that urge occurs within a person who is already mentally unbalanced, it can lead to disaster.

This week, Korena Roberts, a woman in Oregon, pled guilty to killing a pregnant woman to steal her baby. The story is a sad one.

During a bail hearing last November, Roberts' attorney said she had given birth to a stillborn child in 2007 and seemed obsessed with babies, repeatedly watching videos of births on YouTube, sewing baby clothes, and telling people for about a year that she was pregnant.

But she isn't the worst story this week.


A Pittsburgh woman also pled guilty to encouraging her boyfriend to drug her own 13-year-old daughter so that she would get pregnant.

The woman, who has secondary infertility, did not succeed at her attempt, but the message is clear: some psychos will do anything to have a baby.

Baby-lust does make us a little nuts, I will admit. I certainly didn't see the obstacles involved when I wanted my first baby. We could have (and maybe should have) waited another five years when we would have been far more financially set with a much bigger house, but I wanted a baby and I wanted one yesterday.

That biological clock ticks loudly, no doubt.

But I doubt it could ever make me do something despicable, illegal, and deeply harmful to another person. Now obviously, these women were bat@$ from the start, but it seems deeper than that, too. That baby longing was so strong, they were willing to do anything to appease it.

Our desire to procreate is a powerful force not to be underestimated.

What do you think of stories like these?


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