Would You Have Your Rapist's Baby? Guess Who Wants to Make You?

rape pro life republicansSometimes I wonder if I didn't time travel back to 1950, where women were an oppressed "minority" who had zero control over their lives, much less their reproductive health.

In this year's midterm election, 78 of the Republican candidates would force a woman who was impregnated by rape to have her baby. Just think about that for a minute. A man attacks you, beats you, rips your clothes off, and forces himself into you. If you're lucky enough to survive an attack (as so many are not) and find out that you're pregnant -- well, you should just be joyous in the fact that it was God's plan for you to have a baby. 

Republican women, ready to change your vote yet?


Getting raped is not God's plan. Getting raped is a heinous act of violence and aggression that has little to do with sex, and even less with making babies. If a politician can't grasp that basic concept, they have no business making laws for the rest of us.

Pro-life without discrimination does discriminate -- against women who are the victims of violence. The last group of people who should be given more crap to take. Imagine being forced to carry a child for nine months that was put there by someone you most likely hate with all of your heart because of what he did to you. Risking your own life -- again -- because some Republican lawmaker decided he knew what was best for you -- a rape victim.

This is a disgusting admission from at least 78 of the candidates on the ballot this fall. Find out if your candidate is one of those, and for your own sake, vote for whomever or whatever is running against him.

Would you vote for someone who wouldn't allow you to end your pregnancy by rape?


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