Pregnancy Porn: Should We Be Flattered?

sex statuesWhen I worked at Playboy TV years ago, I was exposed to many porn movie names. One of them stuck out to me at the time. In fact, it stuck out to all of my co-workers and became a long-running joke. It was called Ready to Drop and it was a movie that apparently featured very pregnant women having sex.

The concept seemed funny, shocking, and disturbing to all of us, even people who had been in the business for decades. The thought of these pregnant women having sex on film just made us wonder. We wondered about the women who starred in it, wondered about their unborn babies, and wondered about the people who watched it.


I never really thought about it since then until the other day I was googling something and a pregnant porn site popped up. In the back of mind, I knew some men had a fetish for pregnant women, but when I googled "pregnant porn," 750,000 results came up! I clicked on one with still photos. I wouldn't recommend doing that. There are images that although I only saw for a split second are now burned in my brain for life.

As upsetting as I may have found my momentary perusal of all things preggo porn, it did make me wonder something different from what I wondered years ago. I used to look at this as completely disgusting. I thought the women were whack jobs and the men who liked it were perverted. This time, I'm pregnant and although it's not necessarily my thing, I think that it's sort of nice that people find pregnant women sexually attractive.

I think there's something sweet about the fact that men find this completely natural and feminine concept hot. It certainly seems a lot healthier than men finding gang bangs hot. Sadly, the search for that brings up almost 7 million results.

I have to admit, I think it's sort of flattering that there is a market out there for pregnant porn. I wouldn't want my daughter to star in one, but I don't know if I think the women who do star in them are as disturbed as I once thought. I definitely don't think the men who like them are as perverted.

What do you think of pregnant porn?


Image via Abhishek Singh aka Bailoo/Flickr


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