Disney Wedding Gowns Inspired by Toddler Cartoons (VIDEO)

Not the actual dresses, thank God
Does an opulent, multi-caked wedding with bedazzled bridesmaid dresses, swans, a horse-drawn carriage, and a champagne fountain seem somehow too sober, too grown-up, too realistic for you?

Or are you a single mom and want to let your toddler plan your wedding? If so, you're in luck.

Joanna Douglas reports at Shine that Disney and designer Alfred Angelo have teamed up on a series of dresses inspired by your favorite cartoon princesses

You can pick your favorite, which I'm sure will be no trouble. They make Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White, and Tiana. 

Wait, no Pocahontas? Sorry Native Americans, screwed yet again. 


I guess the feather-and-brown-leather thing is kind of dead anyway. 

There's no mermaid's tail for Ariel (keep dreaming ladies! Someday you'll be part of that world!), but her sea-themed gown does feature:

"A mermaid-style cut, pearl beading, and sequin sparkles. Each of the other gowns takes on a similar liberal interpretation on the style of the princesses. The Sleeping Beauty gown is romantic with a willowy skirt. Belle's dress has a draped waistline and is inspired by the ballroom dance scene from the movie .... Thankfully none of these interpretations were so literally that wedding guests would immediately identify the designs as inspired by a Disney character.

Oh but you'll know! 

The dresses come in sizes 0-30W (that's good to hear), run $599 to $1,199 (actually thought they'd be more), and will be available next year at Alfred Angelo Signature stores and its bridal boutique partners.   

Sadly not yet available, but should be, to fulfill your 2-year-old-style wedding fantasy: 

  • A diamond-crusted pacifier (though check your local hip-hop store if you're desperate) 
  • Awkward, oversized plastic heels with straps broken
  • A silk security blanket that can double as a veil, like when Linus played a shepherd in the Charlie Brown Christmas pageant

You'll have to work at assembling your own Prince Charming get-up for the groom. Don't let him have any input or he may show up as Buzz Lightyear. Just in case your wedding night wasn't going to be creepy enough already, with your man undressing Snow White.   

What do you think of Disney-inspired wedding dresses?

Here's video of all seven dresses. Start wishing upon a star now! 


Image via Flickr.com/EwenRoberts

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