Hot, Sexy, and Pregnant: The Yummy Mummy (Preggo Tummy)

There is a new hottie in town and she's got a bun in the oven.

Yep, pregnant women are the new sexy it-girls and this slideshow from Sodahead proves it. Vote for the hottest pregnant celebrity! Penelope Cruz is there and Alicia Keys and many more.

It's great that pregnant women are now being seen as sexual and don't have to go into hiding like they did 50 years ago. It's awesome, in fact. Right?

Maybe not.


It seems like pregnant women are really only given one option or the other. Either we're bombshell sex kittens or hidden away like some kind of humiliating secret.

When I was pregnant, I felt about as unsexy as it was humanly possible to feel. I felt bloated and fat and awful to behold.

Other women feel sexy and curvy, while some of us feel dumpy. But apparently for some men, pregnancy is a fetish. They find pregnant women ripe and juicy, which does it for them. So, is this progress?

Maybe, yes. It isn't anti-feminist to appreciate the way it feels to be attractive. And there is something to be said for accepting a sexy body that isn't thin with large breasts. Any move we make in that direction is a good one. So let's celebrate the female form!

If a woman feels sexy while she's pregnant, more power to her. I don't. But I think it's awesome if you do.

Did you feel sexy in pregnancy?


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