Bravest Woman in the World Performs Self C-Section, Saves Baby's Life

I think it is safe to say that a 40-year-old mother in Mexico who cut open her womb to save her baby's life (her ninth baby, in fact) is easily the Bravest Woman in the World.

She was giving birth in her home, a small dirt-floor house "with no electricity or running water" according to USA Today.

"Rather than experience fetal death in utero again, she used her skills at slaughtering animals," the report said. "Apparently, she did not bleed excessively and asked one of her children to call a local nurse for help before she lost consciousness."

She has previously lost a child during birth, so when she saw her labor was not progressing, she broke out a knife.



I have no idea if I would have the strength to do such a thing myself and even if I did, I do not have any experience in butchering or slaughtering, so I would probably just rip myself to shreds and hurt everyone.

Sure, it was dangerous, but she made it to the hospital (after eight hours) and survived, as did her child.

It's that maternal warrior that we all have inside us that allowed her to do it. Maybe any of us could.

It is the strength we get when we see our child in trouble. It is what allows mothers to pull a car off their babies. Anyone who has been a mother knows that love and it is the most empowering thing I have ever experienced.

So, no, sitting here in my bedroom, I can't imagine cutting open my belly, but if it meant saving my baby? I probably could.

Do you think you could have done this?


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