Pregnancy Saved Mom's Life: Our Babies Take Care of Us Best

A British newborn baby managed to save his mother's life while he was still in utero.

Eighteen weeks into her pregnancy, Claire, 26, feared she was losing him, but her doctors discovered the "miscarriage" was actually a cancerous tumor that her unborn child had kicked free.

The doctors advised the mother-to-be to have an abortion, but she told News of the World:

"I couldn't end my baby's life when he had just saved mine."

Her baby was born at 26 weeks when the tumor became too large to contain. Ten weeks later he was home and now both he and his mother are healthy.

This is, of course, an amazing success story, and all of us mamas are great at taking care of our bodies when we're with child -- we eat right, exercise, and sleep. But what about when we aren't? Why does it take pregnancy to recognize problems?


I've seen it a million times. A woman never visits a doctor, takes a vitamin, or works out. Then she's pregnant and she's stir-frying tofu and veggies while popping prenatal vitamins like they're going out of style.

Later, once we have our children, there are pediatrician appointments and co-pays and prescription fees that eat up any chance of us actually taking care of ourselves with the same gusto.

Many moms have scarcely seen a doctor in years while their children are always attending routine-care appointments. It's great. Obviously taking care of our children is a top priority, but what do the airlines say in case of a crash? "Put your own oxygen mask on first"? 

That's right.

We can't be good parents unless we take care of our own health. So make that doctor's appointment (even if you aren't pregnant) and see your dentist. If not for yourself, then do it for your children who need you more than they need just about anything else.

Do you take care of yourself after kids?

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