UT Shooting: Shots Fired on Campus, Gunman Dead

Perry Castaneda Library at UT
Perry-Castaneda Library at UT
Horror! The University of Texas in Austin was the target of a college campus shooting this morning.

According to The Associated Press, the gunman opened fire with an AK-47 automatic weapon on the sixth floor of the busy Perry-Castaneda Library and then turned the gun on himself. The gunman is dead. No injuries have been reported so far and hopefully none will be. Such a relief but so scary for those students, teachers, and university employees, not to mention for parents hearing the news at home.

The university is now on lockdown and police are working to rule out any other possibly associated dangers and trying to find out more about the motivation behind the gunman's actions.


Police are trying to rule out if there is a second gunman, as there are reports of a second crime scene where shots were fired outside the library. It is unclear if those shots were fired by the now-dead gunman.

Randall Wilhite, an adjunct law professor at UT, was driving to class and witnessed the man running with an assault rifle while students ducked for cover. The professor said the gunman had the opportunity to shoot him and several students, but he did not. It sounds like he was shooting the gun off but possibly not aiming to kill anyone.

Adam Glick, a 27-year-old university business school student, told the Daily News he saw the man dressed in all black and a ski mask and armed with an assault rifle heading toward the building. Glick said he heard 10-12 shots and ran into the building next to the library.

For obvious reasons, the university canceled classes for the day.

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