Advertising Gone So Very Bad

There aren't many places I want to see anti-choice propaganda, but I couldn't think of a worse spot than a coat hanger.

Whether it was on purpose or not, this dry cleaning company put their "choose life" slogan on a coat hanger -- the very symbol of back alley, illegal abortions, the very same instrument women once used to try to scrape their insides clean in dangerous, life-threatening ways.

So, yeah. Poor taste.

But as cringe-worthy as this coat hanger is, there have been far worse advertising gaffes (or at least on par). In fact, there are quite a few websites dedicated to bad ads.

Here are a few:


An unfortunate cancer ad placed next to a cigarette ad:


Freedom fries in honor of September 11:


Obesity really is a problem. Really. But don't blame McDonald's!


Who thought this back-to-back billboard was a good idea? Seriously? Is this a sick joke?


The Disco Inferno reference here is so, so very wrong:


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