Pregnancy Superpowers Disarm Robbers

Wonder Woman may have had an invisible plane, but there is no superpower quite as cool as the ability to carry a child.

Preganncy is a strange hybrid of feeling very vulnerable -- wanting to protect those tiny lives inside you -- and feeling invincible -- willingo to go to the ends of the earth to do so.

It is the first glimpse of the crazy love we all feel for our babies and the mama bear instinct. It's a strong one!

A mother-to-be in Oklahoma found out just how strong that instinct is this past week when she singlehandedly unarmed a robber, got his knife and escaped.

And that's not all. 


At six months pregnant, this young Arby's worker was able to save both herself and her baby. And while common self-defense advice would have suggested what she did was wrong, that instinct to protect was fierce.

All moms know it.

It is that feeling we get when our ears start to tingle and we know that something dangerous is afoot. It's the instinct I had the other day that my son was getting sick, long before he spiked a fever. We share a body with these little ones for a long time and we learn how to protect them.

We have been taught that pregnancy is a vulnerable time. My grandmother kept a letter from her doctor 64 years ago telling her to stay off her feet and not make any sudden movements. For nine months.

But mess with a pregnant lady and you will know just how fierce she can be. I remember how sad I was when the babies came out (even though I was more than ready) because protecting them was going to be so much harder once they were out.

Did you think you had superpowers when you were pregnant?


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