This Is Murder, but Abortion Isn't?

Jaime Solis OlmosWhen Jaime Solis Olmos found out his girlfriend, Justina Cornejo, was pregnant, he told her he didn't want a baby and asked her to get an abortion.

She said no, she didn't believe in abortions.

He didn't take no for an answer, and instead paid some thugs $500 to fake a robbery and beat Cornejo into having a miscarriage.

So one night in January 2008, they did just that -- repeatedly punching her in the stomach to get rid of the baby.

Fortunately, it didn't work, and today she has a healthy 2-year-old son. Also fortunately, Olmos was caught and now faces 25 years to life in prison for attempted murder of his unborn child.

Good, he should serve every minute of the rest of his life for such a horrific, selfish act, don't you think?

If you said yes, then you must be pro-life, right?


In California, the fetal homicide law says murder can be charged when a fetus is seven to eight weeks old (which Cornejo says she was).

So if it's against the law for him to attempt to MURDER a fetus, then wouldn't it be illegal for anyone to?

How is it that abortion is still legal in the state?

I'm no legal scholar, nor do I wish to weigh in on the pro-life/pro-choice debate, but I'm utterly confused at the complete contradiction here when it comes to this law.

If it's a life, it's a life.

And if it is -- as the law states -- then why wouldn't it be illegal for a woman to walk into a doctor's office and have a doctor take that life? It's not really up for the mother to decide if it's a life or not if the law says it is.

It would seem to me that anyone who supports Olmos serving hard time for this attempted murder would also be anti-abortion ... but somehow I doubt that's the case. Am I missing something?

Do you find the law in this case as schizophrenic as I do?


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