Catholic Church Is Right on Pregnancy (Wrong on Everything Else)

pregnantWith the Catholic Church losing more members than any church in America, is it any surprise they're making a pitch to the American government that would help them make some more members?

And for the first time in a long time it might have actually garnered them some points from the non-devout?

Let's face it, the Catholic Church hasn't been getting much right lately, what with Pope Benedict XVI calling all the atheists Nazis and so forth. But this week's announcement by the U.S. bishops that pregnancy is "not a disease" just warmed the cockles of every woman's heart.


The rest of the message was total anti-female doo doo, of course, but come on, we take what we can get from the anti-birth control, anti-abortion, anti-women in any role of power set.

Says the church, the Department of Health and Human Services should not classify contraception and sterilization as illness prevention measures, because there is no disease being prevented.

They're not even factually correct there -- contraception protects men and women alike from a host of diseases including HIV, chlamydia, herpes, HPV, and should we go on with the entire STD list? Even the birth control pill could be said to prevent acne.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves with all those facts. They don't bother the church, so let's throw them out, shall we?

Pregnancy is not a disease.

Totally true.

It's a major tax on the body, and no woman should go through with it if she doesn't want to. Nor should women be expected to do everything they can do when not pregnant (hello, getting up off the floor in that eighth month was nothing like getting up when I'm unencumbered by a giant basketball hanging off my belly).

That said, pregnant women are none of the following:

1. Fragile

2. Invalids

3. Suffering from a mind-altering state

4. Unable to make their own decisions

Being pregnant is a condition for sure, but it's not a disease.


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