How Abortion Protests Kill Babies

baby legA Planned Parenthood clinic was firebombed this month, apparently by abortion protesters with a violent bent.

So what was the major mistake the "pro-life" crew made here?

They hurt a bunch of babies in the process.


There were none in the clinic at the time the molotov cocktail was hurled through the window, allegedly by members of the American Nationalist Brotherhood (ANB) who are claiming responsibility. 

But this was a Planned Parenthood clinic that was firebombed. 

And guess what goes on at Planned Parenthood clinics?

Oooh, oooh, if you guess planning for parenthood, pat yourself on the back! You figured out what a bunch of short-sighted hypocrites couldn't.

For women across America who can't afford other options, Planned Parenthood is not just a source for abortion support. It's a source for prenatal care.

The clinic in Madera, California, that was attacked is one of the many in America that provides pregnancy testing, care for pregnant women, and connects them to other services in their community (a friend who went to a different clinic reported being helped to connect with WIC by her center to ensure a healthy diet as her baby grew).

Not to mention it's also a clinic that offers birth control options for women -- which prevents the very abortions the protesters are all up in arms about.

So to prevent a few abortions, the protesters take away a woman's only source for prenatal care.

Now how about some good, old-fashioned common sense? 

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, "Babies born to mothers who received no prenatal care are 3 times more likely to be born at low birth weight and 5 times more likely to die than those whose mothers received prenatal care."

Five times more likely to die.

Five times.

So, who's hurting babies here?


Image via haute negro/Flickr

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