The Pope Hates Pregnant Women

banned ice cream adNot only does the Pope hate pregnant women, but nuns, too! (Or maybe just pregnant nuns?)

In preparation for Pope Benedict's holy visit this week, Britain has decided to celebrate by banning a controversial ad featuring a woman dressed as a nun, heavily pregnant, preparing to taste Antonio Federici ice cream that, according to its tagline, was “immaculately conceived.”

The Pope probably also hates really good ice cream.

So, surely these ads were on billboards all along the papal parade route, or perhaps on bus station placards. The company probably had planned a giant banner drop behind the papal podium as well, I’m sure. Right?


Um, they appeared in print. And only 10 complaints were lodged.

Really, Britain? Really? This is the outrage of your nation’s Roman Catholics, most of whom never even SAW this ad until it was banned. Ten people. But good job, because now everyone knows about it, including the Pope and all of his staff.

I dislike this Pope as much as 100 percent of the other people who can’t stand him (I can’t even get into the abuse issues, I’ll explode). The guy seems to be the essence of evil at times.

But ... are we to believe that he’s going to open up and read the exact publications in which these ads appear? We need to protect him from that? Like he’s really got time on an official visit to pick up British Maxim (or whatever) and flip through it? (I’m sure the papal bathroom is stocked with them.)

While I understand the rich history of Roman Catholicism in Britain and how passionate people are about their religion, isn’t this going a tad far? Unless of course, he pulls a Bush and starts a war over this to distract from the ongoing problems he seems to have with sweeping child molesters under the rug.

If Britain and the Pope (and all the fervent RCs out there) really believe that there is offense to be found in a pregnant nun, or a pregnant woman dressed as a nun enjoying a heavenly delight, perhaps they should consider how many women ARE saintly because they were pregnant. And he should avoid Halloween at all costs.

What do you think of the ad and the controversy surrounding it?

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