Baby Circumcised Without Parental Consent

circumcisionThe news that a baby boy has been circumcised in the hospital despite his parents' desires otherwise brought a whole host of pregnancy fears flooding back to me.

Vera Delgado alleges the hospital snipped her son Mario's foreskin even after she'd told them several times that she didn't want the elective procedure performed on the boy.

The mom is now suing.


So what detail irked me the most?

The news that Delgado wasn't notified ... nor was she present when the surgery was performed.

I guess that's standard -- I had a girl, so I don't know much about circumcisions! But I remember worrying about what was going on with my daughter when she was taken out of my arms.

Every time she was wheeled out to the nursery, they might say, "Oh, we're going to run some tests" or "Oh, the pediatrician is here," but I was never invited along or offered more information. And as a first-time mother, I was both too exhausted and too frazzled to ask them.

I gave birth late on a Thursday evening. I didn't see the pediatrician face-to-face until Saturday morning. And even then I almost missed her; she came into the room while I was going to the bathroom, and my husband had to specifically tell her to stay and repeat what she'd just said about our infant.

Trust is not my strong suit, folks.

I'm the daughter of a nurse practitioner, friend of a labor and delivery nurse. I know health care providers can be great. But a heckuva lot can go wrong back there too.

And no one told me a blessed thing.

Don't get me started on how stupid some of them treated me ("What do you mean you're breastfeeding and don't want your baby to have a binkie? She's crying, and she needs a binkie. I'm the nurse, trust me. I went to school. You just read some books. Gah.").

Lesson to you pregnant ladies: if you think you've learned enough, learn more. And teach someone else -- because you WILL be too exhausted to say anything. 

And the best you'll get out of the hospital later is usually, "Oh, well, you didn't say anything."

In this case, the hospital is apologizing for screwing up on little Mario's manhood. But it sounds like it's too late.


Image via meddygarnet/Flickr


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