Sperm Donor Stalks Mother of His Baby

pregnant bellyRemember all those sperm donors hiding on Craigslist waiting to get you pregnant?

A lesbian couple found out the hard way that they're just too darn good to be true.

He helped them make a baby, and now he's a bona fide stalker.

I hate to have to say I told you so.


In this sad case in California, ABC News reports the lesbian couple and the man drew up a contract and there were plans to keep him involved in the baby's life.

Then came his crazy demands.

Like wanting to take the kid to his native Brazil (because that worked out so well for Sean Goldman?) and then a lawsuit for custody.

The court ruled in favor of "Karen," and he's been declared "not the natural father," but donor dad won't leave them alone.

No doubt it's tough for lesbian couples to track down a donor. Some fertility clinics plain old won't work with them, and where there is coverage for fertility treatments under insurance companies, it often doesn't apply to unmarried folks.

And then there's the push for open records at sperm donation clinics for kids who will likely want some sense of "where I came from" as they age.

With sites like the Donor Sibling Registry seeing brisk traffic and Mark Ruffalo's moving role in The Kids Are All Right bringing it needed recognition, this is not an issue that's going away.

But then this case comes along to show the other side of the coin. These parents did everything right -- they tried to find a known donor, they wrote out a contract, they tried to give their child the rights to his own history.

Most parents opting for a sperm donor worry about health issues -- who knew you had to worry he'd be a stalker?


Image via Photos by Lina/Flickr

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