Girls Finally Smarter Than Boys

girls smarter than boysReversing all of that damage from our grade school teachers, school mates, and sometimes our own fathers, the BBC has released a study saying equality in the smarts game is starting to tip in favor of girls. Or at least the perception of who is going to win the spelling bee is changing.

I hope we all know that gender does not a clever child make.


In a study from Britain's University of Kent, more children between the ages of 4 and 10 chose a picture of a girl when asked who is more clever, performs better, is more well-behaved, and has other more favorable traits that bode well for school children.


At the same time, when researchers tested for math, reading, and writing ability, they told groups of boys that boys usually did worse on these tests, and lo and behold, the boys did worse on those tests.

So what this really proves is sexism in school has a direct effect on performance. Whether you're telling a girl she can't understand math or telling a boy he doesn't get poetry.

Let's take all of this information and just shove those gender stereotypes, shall we? No group needs to feel inferior based on their chromosomes.

Do you think boys or girls are generally smarter in specific areas?


Image via Pink Sherbet Photography/Flickr

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