New Oversexed Marvel Comics 'X-Women' Series: Super Power Meets Super Porn

Marvel Comics' new X-Women series could be subtitled "Girl Power Through Girl Showers."

They should have called it XXX-Women.

Or Sex-Women.

Did I mention it's dirty?

This is disappointing and messed up on so many levels, and it's hard to know whether it's worse for the young women it ought to inspire or the young men who are bound to take it to the bathroom and lock the door.


I've always loved the way the X-Men series has treated its women. Yeah, they've always been oversexed and clad in skintight gear -- that's apparently required in superheroines.

But characters like Rogue (played in the movies by current vampire-lover Anna Paquin) and Dr. (Doctor!!) Jean Grey are the most powerful mutants in the series, and they have the kind of complex back stories and details rarely given to women in any format. I've looked forward to my daughter getting stoked on them.

So the idea of Marvel -- the company that put out Girl Comics and Her-Oes -- giving the ladies of X their own spin-off sounds delicious, a great chance for boys, girls, and grown-up geeks to get outside of Batman and Iron Man

But the women as shown by Chris Claremont and Milo Manara have always-jutting butts, manage to end up in oh-so-lucky '69' positions when falling from high places, and somehow get themselves bound and gagged (don't worry, they end up enjoying it, of course).

Chantaal at Girls Read Comics Too -- who has read a lot more comics, sexualized and otherwise, than I ever will -- has a proper takedown:

"What was the marketing like for this? Because I truly hope this wasn’t touted as another entry in Marvel’s attempt at pushing forward strong female created comics starring strong female characters ... I have to wonder what the hell anyone was thinking... "

Let's just hope they don't follow the inevitable Marvel path and start making X-Women movies. And if they do, preview it before you send your 12-year-old. Or your husband for that matter.


Images via Marvel/GirlsReadComicsToo


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