Man Stabs Bus Rider Over Crying Toddler

We already know children are not welcome on airplanes, but now apparently, they are not welcome on city buses, either.

A 46-year-old man is charged with stabbing a man over a crying toddler. Police in Albuquerque said Lawrence Sitler cut the woman's friend, Andrew Montaño, because her 2-year-old son was upset.

Sitler told the mother to "shut the kid up because he had a headache," according to KRQE. She and her friends exited the bus and Sitler followed and sliced Montaño's arm.

Obviously this man is off his rocker and isn't indicative of every person one might meet on a bus, but it is part of a larger problem.


Since when are children viewed as second class citizens?

If I were on that hot bus, struggling with my two toddlers, a stroller, shopping bags, and a million other "mom things," some guy telling me he had a headache might actually make me stab him.

Seriously, though. Why do people think they have any right to tell our children how to behave? How about Mr. Headache get off the bus? Why is it my child who has to walk so he can have peace and quiet?

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the "Wheels on the Bus," no? "The people on the bus might ... stab you?!"

Think I will skip those lyrics with my impressionable toddler.

What do you do when people are rude to you and your toddler?


Image via srqpix/Flickr


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